Desiree Scott

First SCANDAL of  2014

So, the incredible Canadian defensive center midfielder Desiree Scott won’t be coming back to the NWSL, not in 2014 anyway.

Why this news comes out after the 2014 allocations is anybody’s guess – and there are many theories.  No matter how you look at it’s messy, but when there are many agendas it’s hard for everything to be perfectly clean and easy.

Coming from Hollywood, I have the POV that Desiree (and her agent) never wanted to commit to the NWSL for 2014, and back in August when she received her contract extension she kept it unsigned to use it for leverage later.  Well, now it may not be being used as leverage as originally envisioned, but in fact what it and all contracts of this type are used for, i.e. to legally be able to say “I don’t want to play here anymore and I don’t have to.”

Here’s more on the subject from the great people at THE EQUALIZER.  They know how to sniff a scoop.


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