WEEK 9: Boston Breakers vs Western New York Flash 6/5/13

Lianne Sanderson Week 9  Wahoo.  What an exciting hump day!  This Wednesday the Boston Breakers took on a traveling WNY Flash and it ended in a split decision.  Some would call WNY really lucky and the Breakers really unlucky.

Jodi-Ann Robinson (WNY) headed the ball into the back of the net over Breakers goalkeeper Ashley Phillips in the third minute of second half STOPPAGE TIME to give Western New York a point on the first of four straight road games in 15 days.  Boston Breakers head coach Lisa Cole was none too happy about it either claiming stoppage time had actually expired.  Now don’t professional players know you play to the whistle blows?!

Regardless, Breakers should be thrilled with the offensive power of Lianne Sanderson and Sydney Leroux.  They are clicking!  And Ms. Sanderson is super exciting to watch.  You never know if she’s going to get an assist or a goal!  This night she did both! Sanderson leveled the game for Boston in the 44th minute with the outside of her right boot, redirecting a left-footed Heather O’Reilly cross. By the way, O’Reilly has an amazing work rate!

This season, Sanderson is proving to be both dangerous and an absolute treat to watch.  After her “booing” ordeal at the USWNT game days ago Leroux deserved & earned her goal as she continues to “shhhhh” her detractors.

Kia McNeill is one of my defensive heroes and I’d totally want her on my team in any battle.  Unfortunately, she’ll probably be replaying that goal Wambach scored for Western New York in the 28th minute, that was a perfectly redirected header over Phillips. The curling right-footed cross to Wambach, who out-jumped McNeill and flicked the ball over Phillips.  So, evidently white girls can jump!

Stats on goalie saves was pretty even, Phillips 4, Franch 3.  Franch may have wished she did better, but all in all her season is tops in the game so far.

My favorite Black Card starters started this game for Boston, including McNeill, Nogueira, Sanderson, and Leroux.




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