Shannon Boxx will undergo an exploratory arthroscopic surgery on her right knee on April 30, 2013 according to the Chicago Red Stars.   Boxx is expected to miss approximately 4-6 weeks of playing time, and is also likely to miss the U.S.-Canada rematch in Toronto on June 2.

The timing isn’t perfect, but it rarely ever is.  At least Boxx’s time out will be a relatively short period of time, and is during a relatively unimportant time for both club and country.  In terms of her future with the USWNT, there should be only a slight concern about younger players sliding into her position while she’s away.  Coach Tom Sermanni is not shy about moving players around, so the absence of Boxx will make it all the more easy for him to do so. However, there really isn’t anyone like her that has the combination of her strength, stamina and control in the mid-field young or old, so in the end as long as she can get healthy quickly her position on the USWNT should not be in real jeopardy.  I wish her a speedy recovery.

In the meantime, where will Shannon recover, in Chicago or back home in Cali?  And, what will she do with all that spare time?


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