Pre-Game Tweets Week 2: The Black Card

Twitter with Soccer Ball

Game 2

Portland Thorns:

Jazmyne Avant – hasn’t tweeted yet at all, but she has a twitter account, baby steps…baby steps. LOL.

Karina LeBlanc – hasn’t tweeted since the 14th – she must be really focused on this next game!

Nikki Washington – like Nikki most players are probably filled with pride over the heroism of Boston’s finest.  She said it best MT “…Makes me happy seeing people applaud Law enforcement for all their work. That’s right. #communityeffort #trueheroes” truth!”


Seattle Reign:

Tiffany Cameron – why isn’t Tiffany playing this weekend??? Her Twitter account from today reads “On my way to canada for two days ..all that packing took forever!!”

Lindsay Taylor – hasn’t posted since Tuesday, but based on her Tweet she should be relaxed & ready to go. “Feels so good to be back in Seattle #nothinglikeyourownbed”


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