Norway vs Equatorial Guinea June 29, 2011

Ausberg, Germany

First Half:  What a surprise!

@ half time the score is 0-0.  Norway certainly thought they’d have at least one goal going into the half, if not two or three.

Temperatures in the mid 80’s, and about an hour away from Norway so this like being home for Norway. 

Norway hasn’t been able to prepare for #61 Equatorial Guinea (newcomer along with Colombia) the way they have for other opponents.  They know very little about this team.  They are new on the scene, and like North Korea present a bit of a mystery to all of the other teams. In fact, this may be the first time Equatorial Guinea’s national anthem has been played on American television.

EQ has some strong players lead by Anonman who touched the ball 44 times, took at least 8 shots in the first half with the last shot being her best 1v1 with the goalie.

Equatorial Guinea Lineup: Miriam, Bruna, Dulcia, Carolina, Ana Cristina, Vania, Diala, Dorine, Anonman, Jumaria, Christelle #wwc2011

Norway Lineup: Hjelmseth, Holstad, Mjelde, Stensland, S.Lund, Ronning, Herlovsen Giske, Gardsjord, Thorsnes, Haavi #wwc2011

It’ll be interesing to see how Norway readjusts.


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