Brazil vs Australia: Moenchengladbach, Germany 6/29/11

Let’s Samba!

Brazil is the third youngest team at the #WWC playing in the third largest venue for the Women’s World Cup.

Yet to win a World Cup they are hungry for their first championship.   They have the tradition of soccer in their blood and feel it’s their destiny to win and be atop the throne.

They are the self-professed loudest team at the cup.  Brandi and Ian named Brazil the group of Marta.  She’s the modern day Lionel Messi no doubt.

First Half

Lisa DeVanna was sent home from camp in May of this year, but she was part of the starting XI in today’s game.  And as per usual, she was a nuisance for the defenders.

3 for 3 passing, 8 touches in the first 12 minutes for Marta.  A modest start for Marta according to ESPN commentators.

Formiga was a great leader as usual, speaking to Erika and other players giving them instructions.

Christiane shots were off.   When she’s on she’s really on and when she isn’t it’s a detriment.

Marta really needed to be more involved and the defense needs to bunker up and make less mistakes.

Half-time score 0-0.


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