USA vs North Korea: Dresden, Germany

First Half

The US has never lost a group stage match.  Will the streak continue?

For North Korea, 15 players are younger than Alex Morgan @ 21 years of age.  10 teenagers!  USA is one of the oldest teams in the WWC.  Will that hurt them?

Here was the U.S. lineup today vs. North Korea.

USA: 1-Hope Solo; 11-Ali Krieger, 19-Rachel Buehler, 3-Christie Rampone (capt.), 6-Amy LePeilbet; 9-Heather O’Reilly, 7-Shannon Boxx, 10-Carli Lloyd, 12-Lauren Cheney; 8-Amy Rodriguez, 20-Abby Wambach.

With all the talk about the 2007 world cup Hope Solo has a lot to prove.  If she chokes her bold and direct talk will backfire. She may have been right about the coach’s bad decision to replace her with Brianna Scurry, but to go public with it was just a terrible and selfish decision.

By the way, Solo continued her habit of blabbing too much today by publicly stating that her right shoulder was in some pain and that she is slow to raise that arm.

US team averages over 100 caps.

10 minutes in Lauren Cheney had a great rocket of a shot.  NK goalie had a good save.

As of 17 minutes in Hope Solo is really just a spectator.  All in all, the US is controlling play, but need better chances.

That Heather O’Reilly is so, so fast and even though Korea is also fast, she’s pushing herself just a bit more.

The US has a new corner kick setup that has them creating a British phone booth.  Everybody is in front of the goalie and when the ball is kicked they separate.   Kinda cool.

In the 33 min another great shot by Cheney, butt the goalie gets it cleanly.

In the 34 minute Carli Lloyd has a shot straight on goal.  Easy save.

In the 47 minute great free kick by Carli Lloyd.   No one got a head on it, and it still almost went into the goal.

Solo had 2 great saves, but in general didn’t have much to do.

Great half.  Very even game.  Those North Korean teenagers can play.


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