Pia Is Pumped!

Coach Pia Sundhage’s Pump Fake

Pia Sundhage has given her USWNT team a great start to an exciting WWC.  She even added a bit of brilliance by making a last minute switcheroo in her line-up.  She switched out Megan Rapinoe with Lauren Cheney which certainly had the North Koreans wondering.  From here on out, the world will think she is a genius.  Cheney provided by far the majority of the offense for the women.  She shot from the left, right and center and finally tallied a goal with her head.  She was everywhere, and even though her defense wasn’t great she had a couple of good defensive plays as well.  Cheney is normally a forward, and being asked to play left mid may not be her choice, but she was more than happy to do so.  In fact, she told Pia that she deserved to be in the starting line-up and it appears Pia agreed with her.  This rest is history.  Pia can celebrate making a coach’s decision that has the appearance of pure, pure brilliance.  Kudos Pia.  And good luck in the rest of the tournament. #USWNT #WWC2011


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