Mexico vs England: First Half

First Half

The biggest story of this game?  Mexico’s goalkeeper Santiago is 16 years old.  The question for everyone was could she command her box and organize her backline?

For England, Aluko started but evidently that was a change in the intended line-up.

As game gets started one thing is evidient, Mexico’s Dominguez is faaaast.  And Kelly Smith showed some great defending as well offensive prowess.  Toward the end of the half Kelly barely saw the ball.  With Kelly Smith out of the game England decreases it’s chances greatly.

Scoring was started with Fara Williams’ header off a great corner.  Mexico’s Santiago didn’t see it coming.  Moments later England’s Yankey had a great chance, but Santiago made a good diving save.  Then again at 26’ Williams had an excellent long range strike, but Santiago made a tremendous save.

Mexico got the scoring started when Monica O’Campo @ 33 had an amazing strike from 20 yards away.  She had several touches, and got around Alex Scott, which is hard to do and would never have happened in WPS play.  Karen Bardsley was just beat with the ball up high in the corner.  She probably not expecting such a good ball from O’Campo.

Momens later Aluko had a nice hard strike, but it was wide.  At 1-1 it was anyone’s game.  The game had opened up. Mexico was pressuring more, and England was getting sloppy.




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