Canada vs Germany Official Opening Game: First Half

First Half

LeBlanc dropped in favor of Erinc McCleod.  Unbelievable!  But maybe it’s because LeBlanc gets too much favor from the press.  Makes it appear she’s not as serious about the game as McCleod.

Canada got opening kick-off.  Will be a tough game.  Germany didn’t succeed a goal in last WWC, not since 2003.  Germany picked up a quick corner.  Germany attacked right from the start.

By the way, did you see that great ref duck on German cross field kick.  Great athletics from the head ref!

Sinclair had an amazing chance at 5:37.  She put it over the bar.  She can’t afford to miss those chances.  She was right in front of the goal.

McCleod had a great save, but the Germans came back and scored on a header.  Less than 10 minutes in.  McCleoud got caught in between.  No man’s land.  That girl is 6 feet tall. Garefrekes!

This is truly the group of death: Canada, France, Germany and Nigeria!

Canada did get a few looks in the first half.  And they look dangerous when they get forward.   (Sinclair has scored over 100 goals for her team the rest of the team combined just over 70.)

Okoyino da Mbabi goal in the latter part of the first half found Canada totally sleeping.  From the left back to the goalie, everybody is to blame for that one.

End of first half 2-0.!/FameSoccerGirl


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