Spain Wins World Cup

My team finally wins. Of course, I had to change teams 3 times. First it was the U.S.A., then Ghana, then Brazil and finally Spain. Spain delivered. Thankfully, they won without going to penalty kicks which is the most boring, uninspired way for a world cup winner to be chosen. It’s happened half a dozen times or so, but this year’s world cup spared us from such an anti-climatic ending.

Kudos to the Netherlands for making the game competitive, but in the end Spain did what it does so well, controlled the pace of the game, held on to possession; and ultimately put the game away in overtime.

Some memorable, if not favorable moments were when De Jong kicked boxed a Spanish player in the chest and only got called for a foul; but yellow cards were given all night for much less. The amount of yellow cards beats the previous record of 6 in a final. In the end, the Netherlands had to play with 10 players. There was no way someone wasn’t going to get 2 yellow cards (which equals a red), and get thrown out the game.

And finally, the winning goal by Iniesta was magnificent. For many, Iniesta looked off sides but he wasn’t, he had gotten back on just in time so when the ball was played forward he ran onto it and struck a clean kick into the back of the net. Immediately, Iniesta is a hero and will be remembered forever for giving Spain it’s first world cup victory. Viva Espana.

I’ll never forget this World Cup, the first from the continent of Africa. It was entertaining and dramatic and will forever be remembered for the colorful and loud vuvuzuelas, terrible referees, historic attendance of over 1,000,000 people, the U.S.A.’s advancement into the round of 16, Ghana’s loss to the Uruguay because of a Suraez’s handball, England’s uncharacteristic subpar performance, Bill Clinton sitting next to Mick Jagger at the U.S.A. vs England game, and so much more!

Until 2014 in Brazil.


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