The Dream is Over for the U.S.A.

A storied journey ends in disappointment.

They didn’t play the way they did against Algeria.  From the first blow of the whistle Ghana came on like gangbusters.  America seemed static.  Jozy Altidore seemed transfixed.  The defense was in disarray.  Landon Donovan is right, America was naive. Why the U.S. staff and commentators were making the Ghana and Uruguay game such givens is incomprehensible.  In the World Cup every game is a tough game, except maybe North Korea.

So how will this World Cup affect President’s Clinton attempt to bring the World Cup to America?  And how will it affect the popularity of soccer in America?  Both good questions whose answers will reveal themselves in time.

In the meantime, where do Americans focus their attention with their horse out of the World Cup race?  I’ve got my money on Brazil.  Brazil is not only incredibly talented, but they are the most entertaining.  However, if I can have a close 2nd favorite it would be Argentina who have a most entertaining coach. LOL. Maradona, in his diamond studs, multiple watches and cartoonish mannerisms puts on  a great side show.


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