Marisa’s South African Honeymoon

My friend and LA Arsenal soccer teammate Marisa just got married and the lucky couple went to the World Cup for their honeymoon.  They had a great hotel with a great view of the city and the crowds and the million vuvuzuelas that were heard throughout the night.

Here’s a little Q&A I did with Marisa?

Where are you staying? 1) We are Durban, sa. We are staying @ a place called blue waters. It’s right across the street from the beach and near the sunset casino. Also from our room we get a great view of the ocean and of the stadium!

How is the service?  2) The hospitality is great, a lot of these hotels are a little old but they do the job!

Do you have a vuvuzuela?  3) I did not buy a horn- yet 🙂

How’s security?  4) The part of Durban we are in is awesome! The police are out all over so you feel pretty safe.

How’s the weather?  5) Here in Durban the weather is amazing! It’s winter but its been sunny and 70’s the whole time! The fan parks are awesome, they set up big screen tv’s to watch the game and everyone hangs out on the beach and watches and the icing on the cake- beers are only $2!!! 🙂

World Cup Honeymooning Couple


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