You’re Fired!

FIFA World Cup 2010: Koman Coulibaly Wanted For Robbery In USA (Satire)

Controversial referee Koman Coulibaly was fired from the World Cup, and although a part of me feels bad for him, in this case he’s got to know he deserved it.  He didn’t just make one bad call, but several during the course of one game.  When I saw him working the New Zealand game Saturday I was shocked, but it was to be his last assignment.  And he was simply the guy in charge of substitutions.  You know the guy that holds up the electronic sign with the incoming and outgoing jersey numbers. Probably hard to mess that job up.  LOL.  Anyway, FIFA decided after review that Koman (a Mali native) was a detriment to the reputation of FIFA and had to be removed from the World Cup Tournament all together.

Now, if only they would give the USA the goal back!

Read More about it here:–fbintl_ro-fifaref062110.html


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