The US soccer team at the World Cup had to settle for a 2-2 draw today in the USA vs Slovenia match.  And although a tie was better than a loss the U.S. deserved a win! I hate to put down a referee like this, but this ref was awful and should be suspended from reffing any more games.  He was an inferior ref and hopefully he won’t get caught in a bar surrounded by rowdy American fans.

The game went into halftime with Slovenia up by two points over the USA zero. But after the break the US rallied quickly with a Landon Donovan goal, and then a Michael Bradley goal at 82 minutes.  When Maurice Edu snuck in a shot at about 86 minutes the crowed went crazy knowing that it was a good goal, but the unthinkable happened.  The ref called it back and wouldn’t explain to the players why!   Unbelievable.  The playback shows nothing wrong with the goal, no offsides, no fouls against the U.S. players, nothing, nada!  So my question is can FIFA fix this horrible ref’s mistake and give the U.S. the goal??? I guess that’s never been done before, but I can hope.


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