Did You Know ???

  1. Sixty million people watched the U.S.-England game.
  2. More tickets for this World Cup were bought by Americans than fans in any other nation except South Africa, despite the considerable expense to get there. Before the game, Americans marched proudly through the streets outside the stadium, dressed in red, white and blue from their Uncle Sam-hatted heads to their toes.
  3. Germany has advanced to every Quarterfinal since 1954.
  4. Shirt numbers were used for the first time at the World Cup in 1954. A look at which number has produced the most goals at the 13 tournaments played since then reveals a clear picture: number 9 (235 goals), number 10 (213), number 11 (182), number 7 (128), number 8 (127),. Shirt names were first used in 1994.
  5. Today the Fifa World Cup is by far the biggest TV sports event in the world. In 2006, a cumulated audience of more than 26-billion viewers was recorded for the 64 matches. There were fewer than 5-billion viewers of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.
  6. The 2010 Men’s World Cup Final between Spain and the Netherlands is the most watched “football” game in US television history with 24.3 million viewers.

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