World Cup Kick-Off

I haven’t been able to sleep!

It’s 2am, I’m tossing and turning in bed, and finally I just decide to get up and it’s not because the dog next door wouldn’t stop barking, that’s just one reason!

I just can’t stop thinking about the first game of the World Cup, South Africa –vs- Mexico. Now, of course I love my Mexican neighbors and want the very best for them in the tournament, but I am also rooting for the host country to do well. It would be nice to see them get off to a good start. I think the good vibrations would resonate through all of South Africa and through all of the teams and hence help set the stage for a grand World Cup. And with the June 10th fatal accident of Nelson Mandela’s 13-year old great-granddaughter the country needs a big jolt of positive energy. (

Seems like the opening concert was awesome. They had Shakira putting on a big show, and the Black Eyed Peas prancing around in spaceship costumes. What I hear was even more exciting were the long list of South African performers who outperformed everyone. But if you wanna see those spaceship costumes: .

Considering the 40,000 people who attended the World Cup Concert Joborg (short for Johannesburg) the event was a success. (It’s too bad there’s a little bit of a stain on it because Mandela’s great granddaughter was killed on her way home from the concert. But the concert itself and the accident, as far as I know, have no connection.) I wish I could have been there!

I wonder how many people contemplated going to the World Cup. I definitely did, but like many people I was concerned about the potentially amped up crime levels. But now I’m so jealous of my friends who are there including Marisa, Anthony and Eddie. Hopefully, they’ll be kind enough to share some stories and photos from the biggest sporting event on earth.
Every time you turn on the soccer news or surf a soccer website you get peddled some soccer app. So that got me to thinking what is the best World Cup application on the market. There are so many, and they do such different things it seems there should be one show sanctioned by FIFA to demonstrate the best ones. One interesting one I just read about is described as Footy Pubs 2010 for the Nokia phone. This spin-off from website does one thing, and one thing only: it lets you find your way to the nearest pub that’s showing the football (i.e. soccer) game. You choose the match you want to watch, and then find a watering hole to watch it in – with directions ensuring you can find your way there (and stagger home afterwards). Now that sounds like they have their priorities in order. LOL.

It’s 5:35am now. The sun is coming up and the dog may have stopped barking. I can’t claim it yet. LOL. I’ll be watching the first game in less than 120 minutes from now. Then off to work. Saturday morning, I’m headed to Durty Nellie’s Pub in Costa Mesa. Go USA. Hope to see you there.

I’ve got the fever,


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